7a. Achari Vegetable

Variety of fresh vegetables cooked with tomatoes and onion base spicy and hot sauce, garam masala, methi patta and curry leaf.
£ 9.95

7b. Brinjal Paloong

Mix of aubergines, spinach and chick peas, chopped onion, pepper and ginger salad with a touch of garam masala.
£ 9.95

7c. Tofu and Mushroom

Combination of mushroom and tofu which is full of protein. Chunks of onion and colourful peppers, garam masala, tamarind sauce, coconut milk and finished with chives.
£ 9.95

7d. Aloo Chhole

Potatoes and white chick peas cooked with chat masala, curry leaf, methi patta and corriander. A popular Punjabi dish.
£ 7.85

7e. Shahi Rajma

Popular South Indian curry cooked with red kidney beans, coconut milk, fresh green herbs, curry leaves, ground spices and touch of ginger.
£ 7.95
Tarka Daal - Vegan

Tarka Daal - Vegan

Mixed lentils, with ginger, cumin seeds and garlic
£ 7.20